Poker is the most popular game

Poker (also known and accepted in our country with the denomination poker) is a card game in which cards are usually bet, interchangeable for money or other goods when the game ends.

The players place their bets on an initial, falling the total sum of the bets on the player or players who have a better combination of cards in relation to previously set rules.

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These rules, combinations and structure vary depending on the class or variant of the poker game we play. In general, there are four major categories:

  • Open poker
  • Closed poker
  • Shared card poker
  • Assorted poker

Most of the poker games belong to the first three categories mentioned, and in them we find the most popular varieties: poker covered (draw poker or 5 closed), 7 open (7 Card Stud), Omaha Hold’Em, Texas Hold ‘Em (perhaps the most popular) and Poker 224. In them all cards in the deck are used, including jokers or wild cards.

History of Poker

As usual in such a popular game, mythical and legendary, there are many theories about the origin of the game of poker. As in other popular games of ancient tradition, the first references to similar entertainment would be found among the Persians and their As Nas game. Expanded by sailors and merchants throughout their travels, it would have been in New Orleans (cradle par excellence of cultural miscegenation) where the French would have learned it and mixed with other card games of European origin (such as the English brag or the blean itself). ), becoming a game with personality and own rules.


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It is precisely in New Orleans where we find the first description of the game (work of the British actor Joseph Crowell) and it was from the city of Mississippi from where the game spread through a growing United States of America (which were experiencing a phase of territorial expansion towards the West) that did not take long to make poker and its different evolutions over time, in part of its identity during a process that lasts until today.

Poker Rules

As in any strategy game, there are combinations of cards that surpass others based on a hierarchy established in the rules of the game.

If you want to succeed in the best online poker rooms in Europe, we recommend that you first consider these moves and practice at home, with friends, before making the leap to the virtual gaming tables.

Passion, interest and level of professional players abound in Europe, with what potentially poker is, within the online gaming industry, one of the most lucrative sectors with interests and benefits that can satisfy the needs of both the administration and the game operators, users and specialized media.

However, with the current legislation and competition from more attractive neighboring markets (especially neighboring Portugal), the sector is clearly in decline. If we add that it does not seem that the government that happens to this will have as a priority the reform of that law, the future does not invite optimism.

From a more prosaic point of view, Europe is still a good place for casual or amateur players, without great expectations, to play and enjoy online poker with an interesting offer from operators in the form of tournaments and VIP clubs. Of course, those who opt for professionalization will have to look outside …