In 1970 the first tournaments called to gather in the United States (as not …) the first tournaments called to gather in the casinos of all the country but especially of Las Vegas (Nevada) to the best poker players and also the bags with prizes and more outstanding bets : It was the origin of the World Series of Poker.

In a diffusion of the global phenomenon at the level of players and fans, the creation of different theories and strategy books (the classic “Theory of Poker” by David Sklansky and “Super System”, by Doyle Brunson) and the broadcasting of these championships through television. Since 2010, it has been considered a Mental Sport by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

In this context and with this background it is not surprising that the arrival, first of the Internet, and later in the network of betting sites and online gambling operators have only made the phenomenon viral and put those once mythical and split tournaments reach of our smartphone or tablet.

But before these operators and online casinos, poker took off on the Internet during the 90s of the last century through the then popular system of thematic chats IRC (Hey, if someone from the grunge or vampire channel reads me my nickname was Rusty Cage, greetings colleagues, look where I finished!), Become the first virtual platform for the game, in which users typed their moves. You could not play with real money, but the excitement of the game could be with that until in 2003 the first online salons left the IRC without use for poker.

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But something before, in 1998, was created the first online poker room where it was possible to bet and play with real money: Planet Poker, created by Randy Blumer. Paradise Poker would take over, improving its functioning and graphic interface and reigning during the period between 2000 and 2004, and is considered the “quarry” of the current great players, both in the real world and online.

A new relay would arrive in 2003 with Party Poker, which relied on a hitherto aggressive and massive advertising campaign in the World Poker Tour tournament, taking millions of fans (and stars) from the TV to their online gaming halls. The benefits skyrocketed for the players trained and for the platform, which makes this period known as the “Golden Age” of online poker.

In parallel, forums such as Two Plus Two were created, to gather fans with professionals who formed them and the rise of online poker brought another phenomenon: the arrival of increasingly large and massive face-to-face tournaments, in a cycle in which all We won, from the industry to the fans.

The arrival of the UIGEA law brought with it a major change in the online gaming operators and meant the change in the head of the industry, which would lead to PokerStars. It is currently the main reference in the sector, with more than 50 million registered users, with a weekly average of 22,000 players at tables with real money. If we think that the average of its closest opponent, iPoker, is 3,000, we will realize the size of PokerStars …

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60 million euros, that is the figure collected by a report of the English Association of Online Gaming (Jdigital) that establishes the amount of income of the national sector during the past 2015. Or what is the same, 40% with respect to the 2014.

Faced with this data, we know that in 2011, before the entry into force of the Gaming Law, the sector increased its business volume to over 100 million euros.

Types of poker game: Texas Hold’Em Poker

As we mentioned at the beginning of this analysis, there are multiple varieties of poker games available at bookmakers and online gambling operators: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud …

All of them have their own variations and specificity, as well as their techniques and strengths. But of all of them, Texas Hold’Em Poker is the most popular, driven by the fact that the big stars and players have made it their favorite variety (followed very far by dynamic Omaha). When the water sounds …

What can we say about Texas Hold’Em Poker that you do not know? This popular variety shows us some simple rules to follow to start playing, although if we want to master it we will have to play thousands of hands … In practice, everything resides, and from ApuestasOnline we will help you to be a few less.

We play? It is enough to distribute to each player two covered cards and, subsequently, another five discovered for all in the center of the table. Each player must use his two cards in combination with the common discoveries to reach the best possible hand of 5 cards.

In turn, within the Texas Hold’Em we find the Texas Hold’Em Limit variety (which, as its name tells us, sets a limit for bets per game and betting round, which is usually marked by the number of chips in the pot. the bet time) and the Texas Hold’Em No Limit (where these limitations do not exist and players can bet the amount of chips they want).

10 tips to play poker

Each teacher has his book, they say. And we have pulled the master Ray Zee to bring you this little decalogue that will make you better players.

Avoid falling on the tilt: What is the tilt? This is how a certain state of confusion, anger, discomfort is called … that makes us angry and make decisions and strategies in the game motivated by impulses that we do not control and that lead us to lose more and more hands.

Work: the secret ingredient of success. There is no triumph without hard work. If we make an effort, we study and understand the game with readings, practices and viewings, we will obtain valuable learning that will make us better players.

Creativity: something basic in any great player, because if we are able to analyze the game around us we can get the boats even when we have worse hands than our opponents.

Positivity: a good attitude is key and can also help the other players perceive you in a more friendly way, favoring your options in the game.

Social improvement: poker can help you to cover social needs you have through contact and the relationships that are established with other players at the table. Or on the contrary, if you are an outgoing person, they can help you establish a more analytical and peaceful profile.

Friendship: playing poker you will meet lots of people with whom you had no links until the time you put your first hands. These new links can be a capital greater than the money from the stock exchanges and bets.

Trampoline: besides money and friendships, being a player in tournaments with a certain level can help you access other benefits such as job offers related to the sector, investments or sponsorships.

Time: playing poker gives you time and opportunity to enjoy leisure in a relaxed environment. But let’s never forget what we should dedicate to training ourselves and the discipline of the game itself to improve.

Freedom: in the professional life of the poker player there is only one boss, oneself. You depend on yourself and your performance; you do not have to give accounts to anyone else.

Being yourself: for many it is the best advice in life, and in poker it is not an exception either. You can talk to whoever you want at the table, get up if you do not like the game, follow some more hands … You are free to show yourself just as you are.